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Resolutions…..good or bad?  Good because they keep us accountable.  Bad because we usually don’t follow through with them and then feel like we failed.  Most people wait until the New Year to start a new diet.  I like to start during the holidays and more specifically during the Winter Solstice.

You might think that an odd time of year but truly it is not.  What better time to rethink your life, especially the things you want to change? It is that time of year when darkness gives way to light.  It is a perfect time, for me, to turn away from old habits and pick up new ones.

Ancient cultures worshipped sun gods and the god of sowing the harvest, Saturn. The Winter Solstice marks a time of rebirth, a common thread in many customs this time of year including the celebration of the birth of the Christ child, a birth that ensures life will continue.  I am reminded that I have the power of the light of faith to guide my way; to be present in my life.

With this power I can do all things.  I can avoid serving myself a huge portion of food at every meal; taking a second helping when offered; and passing up on the delicious desserts spread before my eyes.  How do I do this?  One day at a time; one meal at at time.  I also make a lot of cookies, cakes, sweets, and rich foods —- and then I give them away as gifts.  I don’t taste them when I’m cooking them, and I don’t eat any when they are finished baking.

This takes willpower and strength, but I rest in the light of God’s presence within me and respect my 61 year-old body with the love it deserves.  I don’t need all that holiday food to be uplifted.  All I need is to turn from the darkness and walk in the light of God’s love.