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Yesterday I had lunch with my granddaughter at her school.  I did not like school lunches when I was growing up.  So it goes to show that I don’t like them now.  It was pizza day which included a slice of pepperoni pizza, tossed salad with dressing on the side, apple slices, and milk.  And because it is Friday, for 50 cents the children can get ice-cream out of the Mayfield Dairy freezer in the cafeteria.  Some children prepay, like my granddaughter; some bring money that day; and most don’t get the ice-cream.  This is because the majority of children at my granddaughter’s school receive financial assistance for meals, and ice-cream is not included.

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to come to lunch, but not bring fast food for themselves or their students.  And we have to sit at round tables away from the other children.  This isn’t too bad because each student can invite two friends to join him or her.  My daughter always invites one girl and then sometimes another girl or boy.  My granddaughter brings lunch unless it is hot dog day or chicken nuggets day.  She’s been eating fast food since she was old enough to chew.  So far the hormones have not affected her.  When I join her for lunch I buy ice-cream for her friends so that she is not eating her ice-cream in front of them.

 Last year I ate lunch before I came to the school because she didn’t eat until close to 12:30 and that is too late for me.  But this year her class of first graders eats at 11:15.  So I bring a turkey sandwich and a few chips.  I buy ice tea from the school and assist the girls with opening packages, bags, ice-cream and enjoy hearing about their day.  The teachers don’t eat with their classes.  The para-pros do.  This is a term I just heard of since my granddaughter started school and is what we used to call aids or assistant teachers.  This year she has only one in the classroom of 20, but last year there were three para-pros because her class was very unusual with a mixed bag of children all gifted, average or with learning disabilities including one with autism and he was a genius with Aspergers Syndrome.  It was a wonderful class.  This year’s class is pretty average, but she seems to enjoy it.  She loves her new teacher.  And I enjoy having lunch with her.  It keeps me young and keeps me visible in her life.

I want to live for at least another twenty years so I can enjoy all my grandchildren.  Part of doing that is taking care of me and that means doing positive things that make me happy.  Exercise and healthy eating are right up there at the top of my list of things but more importantly is my attitude and the people that touch my life.  Keeping them close to my heart, keeps me strong, and knowing when to say NO and when to say YES to a request; that is also very important to me.  I have a very good understanding of what is right for me and who I am and that faith keeps me strong for I am who I am and that is good.