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I recently took up walking at the local mall.  Walking 30 minutes at a fast pace, I seem to average 1.7 miles a walk.  My Fitbit tells me exactly how many “active” minutes I walk which is nice that when I make a pit stop at the restroom, it doesn’t count against me.

My goal was to lose weight.  I have not.  I have, however, dropped one size in my jeans; so that is nice.

Two months ago, I started using portion control and have pretty much trained my stomach that a bread and butter size plate is all I need.  I decided that it didn’t matter what I ate as long as it fit on the plate.  That may have been a mistake in thinking.  So two weeks ago I gave up drinking my few glasses of wine each night, mainly because of the sugar content.

I did not start drinking wine until my children grew up and left home.  But I have found I sleep better, feel better and except for one after a very stressful Girl Scout meeting, I have not even wanted to have a glass.  (And I did not on that particular evening either.)

My inherent wholeness is embodied in every cell of my body.  I give thanks for my body and that I can choose to take care of it as I see fit.  I avoid sweets and eat balanced meals that are healthy.  I enjoy quinoa, lentils, healthy fats, and garden greens from my backyard such as kale, beets, lettuces, arugula and herbs, year round.  I also enjoy seasonal foods during the summer such as tomatoes, squash, okra, strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini and squash.

God’s pattern for perfection is the blueprint of my life.  I am whole, well, and happy.  I plan to continue on this path, one day at a time.  And so it is.