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Rev. Kelly Isola writes in Rediscovering Your Wholeness, “When you experience harmony in mind, you experience harmony in body. And when you have a sense of well-being and peace within your body, you are at peace with your body.”

I like that.  Harmony is my friend.  If situations in my life feel out of sync, I pause for a moment for prayer.  I am reminded that, “All things work together for good.”

Many times when I feel out of sync it is because my body is not responding the way I want it too.  My goal is to find a sense of peace and well-being with the food I eat.  I seek balance and find wholeness. And as Rev. Isola goes on to say, “Connecting to our wholeness is the cornerstone to a happy, healthy, meaningful and abundant life.”

It does not matter how I choose to enhance my body – regular exercise, eating nutritional food, spiritual practices, meditating, yoga, or daily walking; if I don’t connect with my inner Being and focus on how I can express individually as I AM, I’m wasting my time.  This means I must have thoughts of wholeness fill my mind to create the healthiest and most vibrant person I can be.